About Us

Yoplait, founded in France in 1965, has crossed borders and jumped shores to become a global portfolio of brands loved by families in over 50 countries worldwide.

Launching in the UK in 1991, our production has flourished and we now produce over 67,000 tonnes (that’s the same weight as 370 jumbo jets!) of yogurt, fromage frais, and dairy desserts for the UK every year.

Facts About Yoplait

  • Founded in 1965
  • World’s 2nd largest brand for fresh dairy products
  • Brand presence in almost 50 countries
  • 70 markets worldwide (franchises, subsidaries, licenses and export)
  • €5 billion worldwide (consumer-price value)
  • 2,020 employees in Europe alone

Our brand portfolio has developed too, offering delicious dairy products for all ages and occasions. Starting where it matters, in childhood, Petits Filous contains calcium and vitamin D which help build strong bones, and the convenient Frubes format allows kids to enjoy delicious fromage frais on-the-go, anytime! For adults, we offer something for everyone. Naturally thick Liberté yogurt gives an indulgent twist to any moment, and Calin+ provides you with the key nutrients for bone health later in life. Our iconic brands have grown to become staples in British fridges up and down the country. 

Worldwide, Yoplait is affectionately known as the ‘little flower’ and our values of Goodness, Taste and Growth ensure that we deliver healthy, delicious and nutritious yogurts to households not only across the UK, but globally too. Our values mean that we are there for our customers to bring goodness through life.